Official Kit

What is in the box?

RoboRED Arduino We love Arduino! So naturally, a beefed-up Arduino is even better. We chose the Yourduino version called the "RoboRed" as the central brains to our RoboGames kit.
USB Cable To plug your RoboRED to computer USB port
360 Servo Wheels You get two 360 servos, drive wheels and servo connectors
LCD Screen 2 lines of 16 Characters
7-in-1 Sensor Bar Line Sensor x 5, Bump Sensor, Light Sensor
Ultrasonic Sensor Distance Sensor
Compass Module Which way is North?
RGB LED 3 inputs mean you can make any color light
Bluetooth Module Control your robot with Bluetooth
Push Button Push a button, something happens
Mini 180 Servo Little Servo, many uses - recommend your robot looks around with Ultrasonic sensor
Robot Frame Attach parts to this frame make a robot OR make your own frame
Battery Holder (6xAA) This one comes with plug end to connect to Arduino
Battery Holder (4xAA) Power a light, motor or something else... extra power for you
6x AA Batteries Cheap batteries die quickly, recommend brand name
Castor Wheel One of these to prevent the backend from dragging
Plastic Wheels Additional "Yellow" wheels, 2 of them
40 pin Peel-Apart Wires You get 3 sets of 40 pins
Screwdriver Twist and Turn, Tighten and Loosen.
Vecro Ties Two of these per kit
Sticky Velcro Strip Two sides to Peel and Stick
Two Sided Sticky Tape Big Red Piece to cut and stick
Ultrasonic Mount Mount to Mini Servo
Roll of Electrical Tape Line following and taping things together
Zip Ties Many of these, assorted sizes
Popsicle Sticks Many of these, assorted sizes
Sticky Mounts Large White, Small Black, assorted counts
Solderable Headers Most likely won't need these
Bag of Hardware All sorts of useful things
Mini Piezo Speaker Beep Beep Beep - don't expect you can plan an MP3, but Super Mario theme can be done

What makes this so awesome?

See the full stats: Here

Logically and software equivalent to the Arduino UNO, with many important improvements
ALL Digital and Analog I/O pins are provided on 3-pin connectors so you have Ground-Voltage-Signal pins together for Every signal.
PWM: 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, and 11. Same as Arduino UNO. Provide 8-bit PWM output with the analogWrite() function
Dual operating Voltages: The processor chip can be run at 5.0 or 3.3 V by flipping a small switch.  This can accomodate newer peripheral chips that can only operate at 3.3V signal levels.  
Advanced Power for your designs with new onboard 5.0V and 3.3V power supplies.
Earlier Arduino versions had only 50 mA of current available at 3.3V but now RoboRED provides up to 500 mA at 3.3V
An advanced 5.0V switch-mode power supply onboard the RoboRED provides MUCH more 5V power than the original: up to 2 Amps (2000 mA) to power many servos or powerful LEDs, etc. And the Input Voltage rating is higher at 7-23V.
Repositioned LEDs and Reset button closer to board edges.
New 4-pin communications pin groups for Serial: (Receive/Transmit/Voltage/Ground) and I2C (Ground/Voltage/SDA/SCL) make it easy to connect to devices such as LCD displays, GPS, RealTime Clock, etc.
Better Analog noise levels: Careful layout of Analog input circuits reduces interference from I2C signals on A4 and A5.

Arduino Tutorials for Reference

For Reference...
Robogames Robot Parts

RoboRed Arduino Board
We will not be using the motorcontrol or motor/wheels that come with the default kit, they will be replaced with the 2 Continuous Rotation Servo listed below
Basic Robot Kit Version 2
Factory-Modified Continuous Rotation Servos and Wheels
Robot 7-way Multi Tracking Sensor
Bluetooth HC-05 Transceiver
LCD Display – I2C
Three-axis Electronic Compass
RGB 3-color LED Electronic Brick